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NEWS: As you can read on the frontpage the wiki has been locked, probably forever. It has taken me ages to fix it and I simply do not currently have the time. For me an end of an era and mixed feelings. ~~Scorpei 3-FEB-2013

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Welcome to http://wiki.scorpei.com/


Back in the day my wiki had been wrecked by spambots. As a result I have had to move the wiki to a completely new database. This means all previous edits have been lost as have accounts and only the latest version of information remains. Thankfully that is quite a lot and good info. I have decided to keep the wiki closed for editing. This to make sure no injections or problems occur in the future. That way I can keep this information available for future reference as well as make sure none of my other domains encounter any problems due to this wiki. I hope this content will be helpfull to someone in the future and will stay alive for a long time to come. Please keep enjoying your games, life and everything else and perhaps visit some of my other content and who knows it might be interesting for you! You can also find a way to contact me there, if you which to do so for whatever reason.

This is the wiki for scorpei.com. This wiki was free to edit, and I encouraged you to edit it. I've made the basis for compatibility lists of the different DS and GBA media (adapters). You are free to add your own experiences with the different games and cards. Please do not run games you do not own and obey your country's laws.

I've noticed a lot of websites link to my wiki and the compatibility lists now. I don't mind people linking to it, not even in reviews, but please give due credit ;).

I want to thank everyone who contributes to the wiki very much. When everyone pitches in and adds the community can grow and we all benefit! So a big thank you to all contributers big and small.

One last thing, Bug reports can be made on this page and general chatter (naturally it has to be related to the wiki) can be placed on the community portal. Thanks for keeping the wiki clean :).

-Simon "Scorpei" van de Berg

P.S. If you have any comments or etc. you can also make them on my blog/news page. If you have any questions regarding the different adapters or etc. you can try to find the answers on my NDS-main page.


[edit] NDS (Compatibility lists)

Compat. Slot 2 (GBA) media (adapters) Compat. Slot 1 (DS) media (adapters)

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[edit] Clean Compatibility lists (NDS)

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