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ITouch DS compatibility list

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[edit] Adding to the List

*PLEASE USE THE NUMBERING SYSTEM AND INFORMATION FROM DS-Scene or NDSS do check that both are on par if not use DS-scene's list

To add a game, simply add the following lines at the proper location (number based) of the list:

|style="background:COLOR"|ROM NAME (REGION)(GROUP)

XXXX is the ROM Number

COLOR is either palegreen (runs), skyblue (runs with problems), salmon (doesn't run) or gainsboro (untested)

ROM NAME is the Rom Name

REGION is either (A)ustralia, (E)urope, (F)rance, (G)ermany, (I)talia, (J)apan, (K)orea, (R)ussia, (S)pain, (U)SA, (H)olland

GROUP is the Release Group

FW is the firmware version used to test the game (a 'b' denotes a beta version of the firmware)

NOTES is any additional information that might be weight loss pills relevant, unless noted, multi-card play works, download play is untested

When a game did not work in a previous firmware version note this in the NOTES section. An example would be 0576-Pokémon Pearl-(J)-(Legacy):

Current firmware version: Beta 1.1

! Update !

Some older ROM trimmers cut off too much data from the ROM and break download play. This included R4DS Rom Trimmer 1.0.

Please only use untrimmed clean roms for testing. R4DS Rom Trimmer 2.0 is also OK.


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[edit] The Homebrews List

As of firmware beta 1.1, the iTouch unit patches automatically. Some homebrew may require manual DLDI patching to work.

To add a homebrew app/game, simply add the following lines at the proper location (alphabetically) of the list:

|style="background:"COLOR"|[URL TITLE]

COLOR is either palegreen, skyblue, salmon or gainsboro (runs, runs with problems or other launcher, doesn't run or untested)

URL Is the link of homebrew

TITLE is the Homebrew Name

VERSION is the Homebrew version tested

FW is the firmware version used to test the game (a 'b' denotes a beta version of the firmware)

NOTES is any additional information that might be relevant

Wi-Fi Note: Newer Nintendo DS Lite models have different Wi-Fi hardware that is not supported by homebrew using dswifi 0.3c or earlier. As a result, these zetaclear homebrews cannot use Wi-Fi and fail to connect to the internet. This has been fixed with dswifi 0.3d (released 01/29/2007) however not all projects have been updated for this latest release. There has been another update to dswifi 0.3.1 (3 May 2007) Homebrews will need to be updated for newer DS Lites. A workaround for this is to load a ROM with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support, connect to the internet with it, disconnect, use In Game Reset and then load the homebrew in question.

PAlib Note: Some homebrew made with the PAlib library do not function properly*, leading to loss of touchscreen use, sound and/or choppy graphics. As a result, these bowtrol homebrews can be unplayable due to lack of proper controls. This has been fixed with PAlib 070206 for devkitARM r20 however not all projects have been updated for these new releases.

(*) Many of these homebrews work fine (with sound & touchscreen support) if you launch it with DSOrganize (Mighty Max boot Method) or DSChannels.

[edit] Apps

Title Version FW Note
3in1 ExpPack Tool v.1.9 1.9 Enable rumble mode, RAM mode for DS Browser and NOR/PSRAM management to Run GBA backups from EZ-Flash 3in1 expansion pack. (GBA backups need to be patched with the EZ4 Client.)
AMAP4DS 3.2 Map viewer
Beup Live 0.3e fixed DLDI patching required.
BootGBA 1.01 Boots Slot-2; Regular GBA Cartridge.
CFtp v0.8alternate link 1.2 HTTP Client file browser
Colors 1.06 A simple drawing application. Occasional freeze on playback.
ComicBookDS 2.2 Official site seems to be down permanently.
Cooking Timer 0.1 Simple cooking timer, select MP3/OGG/SPC file to play on time.
DiagnoSe DS function testing tool (link fixed)
Dillama (XBMC Remote)
DreamZZT DS A port of DreamZZT to the Nintendo DS. ZZT was an ANSI-based game creation system created by Epic Megagames in 1990.
DS Paint 0.4 DS Paint is a drawing application by Darkfader
DS Sampling Keyboard 1.2 Sampling keyboard
DSAIM 0.03e AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ client (old dswifi)
DSChannels/DualChannel beta5 Launch the DS homebrews with a DS menu like. DSChannels could manage only 60 homebrews. DSChannels beta5
DSFile DS File Manager for Slot1 & Slot2 Devices: Tested with R4+Supercard Lite.
DSGoo "Celebrity Edition" 1.0 Dragging a pen over a picture to distort it.
DSLinux 2007-10-29
DSLiveWeather DSLiveWeather.nds file must be in a DSLiveWeather directory.
DSMouse 0.3a
DSOrganize 3.1 Requires DLDI patching.
DSPhoto 0.9 Simple JPEG viewer
DSReader Nice interface
Eepinator Basic EEPROM backup tool.
Image Viewer
LCD Tester
LMP-ng 1.02 Music player like iPod. alternate link
Mapviewer DS GIF viewer for files up to 3 megapixels. (little gfx flickering around cards.)
Moonshell - English translation 1.71+ Replacing the version included with the firmware works. softreset plugin
NDS Backup Tool SLOT2 all ROM => NDS file! Requires DLDI patching. Works only on a DLDI linker SLOT2.
NDS Backup Tool Wifi 0.31 To transfer NDS files from PC to DSLink (and vice vesa). NDS ROM to PC possible!
NDSMail 0.60
NDSPython 2.5 Port of Stackless Python, an enhanced version of the Python programming language
New Caisse DS 2007-03-03
NewDictS Over 100 different dictionaries are supported! (Convert idx file to aoi file then copy idx & aoi files to Dict/ folder.)
NitroTracker 0.3+
OKIWI Internet Browser Alpha works.
Phidias A drawing application
Pocket Kanji DS 2007-03-10 Port of the Palm application PocketKanji
SylphAMP 0.04 Winamp-to-NDS streaming interface. Lets you stream music directly from your computer to the DS.
Tuna-viDS An Xvid video player
txtWriter 0.3.2 Text editor orginally by Alan Gerow, DLDI support added by Sektor
wifi VoiceChatClient
WinDS 2006compo

[edit] Emulators

Title Version FW Note
AmEDS Amstrad CPC 6128 (a 8bit computer) emulator.
ColecoDS 2.0 ColecoVision (CBS) home video game console emulator.
DS85 r3 Ti85 calculator emulator. Requires ti85.rom to run.
DSMasterPlus 1.3a
Dual Swan 1.2.1 WonderSwan emulator; run but it can't launch any ROM.
fmsxDS 0.7 modified MSX, MSX2/2+ (a 8bit computer) emulator; Use japanese bios!
FrodoDS Commodore 64 Emulator. Runs and CAN mount most disk images. If it can't, it's due to the C64 rom (.d64 file) itself. Try a different game and it should work;
GeosDS A 'pseudo-emulator' which runs the GEOS for Commodore 64.
jEnesis v.0.4s v. Neoflash 0.5 0.5 Genesis emulator (devsite).
Lameboy 0.9 Gameboy/Color emulator - save with X button or L+R for menu.
MarcaDS MAME's arcade 8bit games emulator.
NesDS 7/31/2007 A good NES emulator. Supports save states!
PenkoDS 0.2a MSX2 emulator
PicoDriveDS 0.1.7 Sega Genesis emulator
pokeyDS 1.1 Atari 800XL computer emulator
ScummVM DS
SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha
SnesDS 6/15/2007 SNES emulator with dldi support. Low game compatibility, can run some small ROM only.
Snezzi DS 0.25a
SpeccyDS 0.2a ZX Spectrum emulator
StellaDS 0.71
StyxDS 0.1a Atari ST emulator; runs at < 20% speed
ZXDS 0.5.1b ZX Spectrum emulator
ThomDS Thomson Mo5 (a 8bit computer) emulator.

[edit] Games

Title Version FW Note
2PongDS 0.2 Play vs DS 2 pong simultaneously; No sound support.
A Touch of War Real Time Strategy game. One player with Wi-Fi play capability
3A cards 2006-11 A very simple card game.
AE Mini Game 2007-01-07 Mini games.
AmplituDS v3 Turrican Mix.
Atari Boxing beta A Atari 2600 boxing remake with no sound support
Atomix Puzzle game in which the player pieces together various molecules
Aztec Challenge 1.1 Puzzle/Reflection game, excellent remake of TI-82 game 'Laser Mayhem'.
Babylon A simple & quick strategy game for 1 or 2 players
Ballon DS N/A Shooting game
BattleShipDS Preview
Bge Palets neoflash
Bitsweeper N/A Minesweeper clone
Blackout .
Bloops DS 0.1
BOFH Legends DS 2006-09-07 Shooting game
Breakout DS 0.1
BrickFall LP-4 Fall down the maze and to avoid touching the top of the screen with the square;
Bubble Fusion N/A
Caisse DS 2007-03-03 Puzzle game.
Can't Stop DS 0.3 Board game
Card Sharks 02-19-2007 Adaptation of the 'Card Sharks' TV game show.
Chameleon Shot 1.0 A simple shooting game with touchscreen
Chaos - The Battle of Wizards 3.0 A turn-based battle
Circular Defense r1
Cosmic Invaders
Crystals 1.1 Based on an old board game called Black Box.
D-Sudoku 2006compo A nice Sudoku game.
Daemon Demo? SHMUP-classic 2d shooter with only 2 stages;
DDRLite for DS Dance Dance Revolution remake
Deal or No Deal Adaptation of the 'Deal or No Deal' TV game show
Defi Noel 2006 2007-01-21 Christmas themed FPS.
DeLite N/A A remake of lights-out
Dicewars DS Excellent remake of classic Drug Wars game
Digger DS 0.2 Port of the 1983 game Digger by Windmill Software.
Dota DS 0.93 Warcraft/Starcraft Type Game;
The v.0.93 freeze frequently because it's a alpha version. WIP...
DrugWars DS Excellent remake of classic DrugWars game.
DrummerS 2.0b
DS Doom prboom.wad and doom.wad (make sure this is named doom.wad!) files must go in ROOT of microSD while the dsdoom.nds must go in a DOOM directory on the root.
DSameGame 2.0b
DSChess 0.3 A good chess game builds upon a very strong open source chess engine called Fruit 2.1 by Fabien Letouzey
DScratch 071111 A fun audio manipulation software.
dSGo 1.0 23rd
DSGoo 1.0 Distort the face of stars with the stylus.
DSLair 0.1.4 A Nintendo DS port of Dragon's Lair with no sound support & includes first 4 levels only.
DSLife 2.0 Conways Game Of Life for DS (three versions included 32, 64, 256)
dSokoban 2006-10-23 A Sokoban remake with 360 levels. Works but no sound
Dual Step Revolution 2005 compo A simple Dance Dance Revolution clone. Content 2 music only.
Dungeon Crawl 1.0 DLDI b1 DSCrawlOne of the more known rogue-like computer games is Linley's Dungeon Crawl.
Dungeon Master DS Pre-Alpha
Earth Invaders 0 gbax
Everlasting Love Plaforme game
Every Extend N/A Every Extend clone, a 'Suicidal explosion' game.
Explosive Gas 0.7 A good Bomberman style game with Wi-Fi play capability.
Explosion of an Aeroplane A Gravity Force style dogfight game with Wi-Fi capability
Extreme Onslaught 2007-04-09 Multi-directional shooter
Fall down DS 1st ver Fall down the maze and to avoid touching the top of the screen with the square; No sound support; Fall Down DS was renamed BrickFall (See above).
Fish Tank Virtual Aquarium
FlashbackDS DLDI custom Flashback port.
Flux Wifi Action-puzzle game; Works but no music.
Fushido 1.0 Puzzle game. Fushido is inspired of the original game called Ishido.
Geo Wars 2007compo Nice shooting; Do not let the device create the save file
Gioioso! A Weird Music Game musical term that means that something is played in a joyous manner.
Giana Sisters DS N/A C64's Giana Sisters for DS
Glider A simple Flight simulator
h4ck3r Hacking game ?
Hawiian Islands DS 2006 compo Puzzle game
HexaVirus 2006-11-09
Hup 1.0 Move the balloon with the stylus to put them between walls, then press L or R.
International Karate DS N/A Fantastic clone of the classic C64 game!
Invasion N/A
Iro 2005-09-29 Breakout clone with 3 balls and 25 levels
JellyBlocks 2007-10-28 A good puzzle game with no sound support.
JNKPlat 0.1
Lapinou Jumps! 2007compo Make up your rabbit! Copy the lapinou.mp3 into root to install.
Lemmings DS 7.04 Lemmings port with 240 levels. To install, copy the lemmingsds_config.txt file & the lemmingsds/ folder to microSD's root.
LOCKJAW A highly configurable Tetris clone
Loituma Girl DS 1.0 A cool adaptation of the popular flash animations for your Nintendo DS
Mahjong 1.0 A good Shanghai game; Freeze sometime.
MancalaDS 2.1 Mancala board game
MarioBroDS 2006-09-18 Game & Watch remake
MarioTouch N/A A very simple game (demo?)
Martian DS Short Alien Hominid style shooter
Maouss DS 1.2 Puzzle Game; The rule of the game is simple, you must move the block to access to all-star of level.
MegaETk 1.03 (no FAT) Mega Man style game
Meteora galactic battle 0.9.2 Push R or L to use weapon.
Naruto Magical Drop 1.0 'Bubble/Puzzle' game with characters from Naruto show
NECRO-QUIZZ DS 2007-08-24 A good historic quiz game (French & English).
New Caisse DS 2007-03-03 Puzzle game.
New Super Pang DS 0.1b A Super Pang clone; Alpha test verion with no sound support.
Nibbles DS A DS version of the always-popular "eat stuff" genre.
Ninji & Zarbi 0.1 Control two characters using both screens, great stuff!
No Place To Hide N/A 10 Minigames using touchscreen to dodge objects
North & South DS Port of the game North & South
Oil Panic DS Nice Oil Panic Game & Watch simulator
OMalone 2.2
PanikGastrik 1.0 A genteel Puzzle Game
PASudoku (v1.3) 1.4 PASudoku v.1.4.
Paddle Battle N/A A nice table hockey game
PairsDS N/A Memory game with no sound support
Pegs DS v2 DLDI A good solitary puzzle/reflection game
PicrossDS 0.3a Puzzle game
Papafuji's DS Classic Adventure Games Many many graphic/text adventure games remakes. (Claymorgue, Doublescott, Emerald Isle, Erik The Viking, Ghost Town, GoldenBaton, Jewels Of Darkness, Level9 adventures, Mysterious Adventures, Pyramid Of Doom, Silicon Dreams, Time Machine, Time & Magik, etc...)
Platdude’s Retro Collection 2007-11 DLDI A pretty collection of retro styled games.
Plop Invaders 0.52b A nice puzzle game.
Popper A very basic shooting game
Population: Tire
Pong (original automat version) R2 Play Pong vs DS or one player.
Pong by DDaniel N/A Play Pong vs one player on one or two screens simultaneously! No sound support.
Pong by Dean Rather 2007-08-28 A Pong like vs DS or one player, but after you win a round it gets a little more complex!
Powder A roguelike
Press Your Luck Adaptation of the 'Press Your Luck' TV game show
Prohibition DS
Pure Shooter n/a A very simple side scrolling shooter using the 3D mode.
Puzzle DS 2007-03 DLDI Puzzle game
PuzzleManiak 3.0b3 Play 27 puzzle games with your MP3 music.
Pyin-Pyang 1.0 A Yin-Yang Pong for the Nintendo DS. It's a two player game only (no "player-vs-computer" mode) and it does not use Wifi.
QuakeDS Quake port
QBX 1.0 A good 3D Tetris like.
Reality game 0.5 Compilation of games such as Klondike, Reversi, Chess, FreeCell, Grid Words, Deck of Cards & Go!. The gameplay is close to the real games.
ReboNDS 1.1 A puzzle/action game in which you have to fill a playgound area isolating balls.
Return to Tyrian 1st release Shooting game
RiverCrossingDS A puzzle game
SensitiveDS N/A A good puzzle game
Slide and Run n/a Platform game
Sonic Ball 2006-03-19 Breaker game with Sonic theme
SpoutDS 2006-10-30 DS port of Spout, a abstract shooting game from Japanese developer kuni.
SquashDS N/A Squash the bugs, classic! No sound support.
SRAM 0.9 Great graphic/text adventure game but only in French
Storm The House 2007-01-25
Strip Rock Paper Scissors N/A
Sudoku 1.0
Super Mario War DS Test No sound support.
Super Smash Bros Tactics u1
Super Snake N/A It's a snake like on 2 screens
SushiDS 2005Compo Excellent 2d platformer!
TagDS 2006Compo Only two player (on one DS) 3D action game
Tales of Dagur A unique RPG.
Tama Survivor 20-03-2007 A Pang remake.
Temby! Tower DS 0.6 Yahoo! Towers clone (columns like); sound and
Teenage Queen 1.2 Strip Poker, good remake!
TetattDS Tetris Attack Clone
Tetris DS 1.1 A simple Tetris Clone; No sound support. Full source, and instructions inclued.
The real Agent Orange 1.0
Tic Tac Toe DS 1.0
Tickle Girl 1.0 Mirror link (with included source); A sexy multimedia experience where you interact with a virtual vixen via the touchscreen
Tictac Joe 2006-08-20 A simple but fun strategy game for 2~4 players
Touch Touch Revolution n/a Cool DDRevolution clone
Touch Me (I'm famous) 0.1 No music.
Touch & Bomb 2.4 Touchscreen Action Game
Twin Isles 2nd release Civilization/SimCity-type game
Ukulele 1.0 Playing the ukulele.
Video Poker 2007-21-2 Casino video poker.
Virus DS DLDI ver. A unique puzzle game for adult
Warcraft: Tower Defense 0.31b
Whee! DS 1.00 Racing game ala Wipeout
Whee! DS 2 2.00 Racing game ala Wipeout
WinterCube 3D Rubik's Cube simulation
Wolfenstein 3D DS
Word Wrap 0.04 A scrambled word puzzle game similar to Text Twist.
World of Sand DS An adaptation of the infamous falling sand game.
Worms War Online Mini Worms War remake.
Wright Flight
XrickDS 1.5 Rick Dangerous clone; Can't save hi-score
ZI Tetris-like game

[edit] microSD/TransFlash Compatibility

To add a card, simply add the following lines at the proper location (alphabetically) of the list:

|style="background:"COLOR"|Card Name

COLOR is either palegreen, skyblue, salmon or gainsboro (runs, runs with problems, doesn't run or untested)

FW is the firmware version used to test the card (a 'b' denotes a beta version of the firmware)

NOTES is any additional information that might be relevant

SPEED is the speed of the card, if known

NOTE: A lot of the Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin problems can be fixed automatically for many of the Micro SD cards by formatting the Micro SD cards with FAT 16 with 32K Clusters. If it still traps, there are several ROM dumps of the game. One of them does not work even with the 32K cluster fix. You will need to get a different ROM dump of the game. You may need to restart the game and create a new save with the new ROM dump to make it run. Many of these cards should not have problems after formatting with Fat 16 with 32K clusters.

The SD (including TransFlash and microSD) ranges up to 2Gb. Anything over that is an SDHC card, which is a different format incompatible at this time. All 4Gb and future 8Gb cards will fail.

Card name FW Notes (Tony Hawk: DJ slowdowns on ALL cards) Speed
Example Beta 1.1 Example notes N/A

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