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R4 compatibility list/Emulators

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Title Version FW Note
AmEDS 3.0 (English) Amstrad CPC 6128 (8-bit computer) emulator.
ColecoDS 2.1 1.18/YSM09.12.05 ColecoVision (CBS) home video game console emulator; Auto DLDI.
CrocoDS 2.0 1.18 An Amstrad CPC 464/6128 emulator; Works fine and at full speed with most games.
DS85 r3 1.18/YSM09.12.05 TI-85 calculator emulator; Requires ti85.rom to run; Auto DLDI.
DSMasterPlus 1.3a 1.18/YSM09.12.05 (English) Sega Master System emulator; Auto DLDI.
Dual Swan 1.2.1 1.11 WonderSwan emulator; Runs but can't launch any ROMs.
fmsxDS 0.7 modified 1.18 MSX, MSX2/2+ (8-bit computer) emulator; Use Japanese BIOS! Auto DLDI.
FrodoDS 5/23/2008 1.11 Commodore 64 Emulator; Runs and CAN mount most disk images; If it can't, it's due to the C64 rom (.d64 file) itself; Try a different game and it should work; Auto DLDI.
GeosDS 1.10 GEOS for Commodore 64 'pseudo-emulator'; Does not boot.
jEnesis 0.7.4 1.18 SEGA Genesis emulator; Supports sound as of 0.6; Auto DLDI.
Lameboy 0.12 1.18
Wood R4 v1.10
Gameboy/Color emulator; Save with X button or through Exit on menu; Supports savestates, Super Gameboy, Rumble Flashcarts need testing; Auto DLDI.
MarcaDS 0.4e 1.18 MAME's arcade 8-bit game emulator; Games play in 1.17; Prev. 1.16 said Menu works but both screens go black when executing games.
NeoDS 0.2.0 1.18
Wood R4 v1.10
Neo Geo AES/MVS emulator.
nesDS 7/31/2007 1.18
Wood R4 v1.10
NES emulator; Touch screen menu issues on some flashcarts; Auto DLDI.
nesterDS 0.3.9 Wood R4 v1.10 (English) NES emulator; Auto DLDI.
PenkoDS 0.2a 1.18 MSX2 emulator without SCC emulation.
PicoDriveDS 0.1.7 1.18 Sega Genesis emulator.
pokeyDS 1.1 Atari 800XL computer emulator.
ScummVM DS 1.1.0 1.18 Point and click adventure game interpreter (Lucasarts, Sierra, etc.); Auto DLDI.
SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha WIP2 1.18
Wood R4 v1.10
Super Famicom / SNES emulator; Supports EZ-V 3-in-1 Expansion Pack & Ewin Expansion Pack! Auto DLDI.
snesDS 6/15/2007 1.18
Wood R4 v1.10
Super Famicom / SNES emulator; Very low game compatibility and issues with larger ROMs; Auto DLDI.
Snezzi DS 0.25a 1.04 Does not work according to GBAtemp.net.
SpeccyDS 0.2a 1.18 ZX Spectrum emulator.
StellaDS 0.71 1.18 Atari 2600 emulator; Auto DLDI.
StyxDS 0.1a 1.18 Atari ST emulator; runs at < 20% speed.
WabbitDS N/A 1.18 A fantastic and almost perfect TI-83+ emulator/clone; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
TI-83+ ROM needed; Select ROM at first launch.
ZXDS 0.5.1b 1.18 ZX Spectrum emulator.
ThomDS 3.0 (English) Thomson MO5 (8-bit computer) emulator.
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