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How to create a list

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Creating a compatibility list is very easy.
  • Choose what type of list you want. You can choose to use the NinjaDS style list, SuperCard or the DS-Xtreme style. If you want to use the NinjaDS styled list follow what is stated below.

    When you want to use the SuperCard style list copy the SuperCard compatibility list, make it clean and change all the values to that of the card you are creating a list for. If you want to use the DS-Xtreme styled list use this list as your basis instead of that of the SuperCard (this list is clean, but not up to date. You will also need to change it from DS-Xtreme to whatever product you are creating a list for of course).

  • You open the clean compatibility list and copy it's code (accesed via the edit button, possibly only available when registered and logged in).
  • You then go to the search function in the left hand menu and enter the compatibility list's name (e.g. "Neo2-TF compatibility list"). If such a page (please check if there really is no compatibility list for that bit of hardware before you make a list) doesn't exist you will be presented by the option to create it. Do so.
  • There paste the code you had copied from the clean list. Remove the "Note" code and change "CLEAN" into the designated product (in number 2's example "Neo2-TF"). Also check to see if everything is up to date, if not make it so.
  • Save the page and go back to the clean compatibility list. There go to the first set of games. Use the edit function to copy the code. Go back to your own list. There click on the list that matches that of the code you just copied. You will have to create that page too so paste the code you have from the clean list. Of course make it up to date and let it match your product by changing "CLEAN" into your product (in case of the example into "Neo2-TF").
  • Do the same as in step 4 but with a higher number of roms (= instead of 001-050 use 051-100).

Once you are all done one can now fill in the list!

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